5C Customizable Uninterruptible Power Supply Ultra-Efficient Smart amensolar

    • Customizable to meet specific customer requirements.
    • Discharges at a speed corresponding to a 1C multiplier.
    • Ensures the reception of a stable power supply within a short timeframe.
    • Possesses stable and reliable operating capabilities, capable of handling various complex working environments.
    • Features intelligent management functions.
Place of Origin  China, JiangSu
Brand Name  Amensolar
Model Number  10C

Factory direct supply uninterrupted power UPS

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  • Product Description

    UPS batteries are adaptable to customer specifications, catering to the demands of diverse application scenarios. Our team of dealers is committed to delivering tailored solutions that align with your specific requirements.

    Leading Features
    • 01

      Superior Performance and Reliability

      Experience Top-tier Performance and consistent Reliabilityfor UPS and Data Centers.

    • 02

      Effortless Accessibility

      Front-facing Connectors for simplified Access to Installation and Maintenance.

    • 03

      Power and Precision

      51.2kWh Cabinet with Switchgear and 20 Battery Modules delivers both Power and Precision.

    • 04

      Intelligent Battery Management

      Each Module is precisely connected to eight Series of 100Ah, 3.2V Cells, complemented by a dedicated BMS equipped with Cell Balancing Capabilities.

    Solar Hybrid Inverter Application

    Modular UPS Power Backup System

    The battery module consists of lithium iron phosphate cells connected in a series. The integrated BMS battery management system is able to oversee and control battery data such as voltage, current, and temperature. With its sophisticated internal structure design and advanced battery production process, the battery pack possesses high specificity, extended lifespan, safety and dependability, a broad range of service temperatures, and other attributes, making it an ideal power supply product for green energy storage.




    Our Advantages

    1. When a voltage sag is detected, the UPS will immediately switch to the backup power supply and provide stable output voltage through the internal voltage regulator.
    2. In the event of a short-term power outage from the power grid, the UPS can immediately switch to backup battery power supply to ensure that the connected equipment continues to operate and avoid data loss, equipment damage or production interruption caused by sudden power outage.

    Case Presentation
    AS5120 (1)
    AS5120 (2)
    AS5120 (3)
    AS5120 (4)


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    We focus on packaging quality, using tough cartons and foam to protect products in transit, with clear usage instructions.

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    Voltage Range  430V- 576V
    Charge Voltage  550V
    Cell 3.2V100Ah
    Series & Parallels 1 60S1 P  160S1 P
    Number of Battery Module 20
    Rated Capacity  100Ah
    Rated Energy  51.2kWh
    Max Discharge Current  500A
    Peak Discharge Current 600A/ 10S
    Max Charge Current   100A
    Max Discharge Power 215kW
    Output Type  P+/P-orP+/N/P-by request
    Dry Contact  Yes
    Display   7 inch
    System Parallel  Yes
    Communication   CAN/RS485
    Short-Circuit Current  5000A
    Cycle life @25℃1C/1C DoD100% > 2500
    Operation Ambient Temperature 0℃- 35 ℃
    Operation Humidity 65±25%R.H.
    Operation Temperature Charge: 0 ℃~55 ℃
    System Dimension 800mm X 700mm X 1 950mm
    Weight 630kg
    Performance  Deta
    Time  15min 30min 45min  60min
    Constant Power  9300kW 4920kW 3280kW 2510kW
    Constant Current 400A 212A 141A  108A

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