Is there a direct relationship between the power of the inverter and the battery capacity?

No, the battery capacity depends on the customer's load, Because at night, if you don't use mains electricity, you just use batteries. So the battery capacity depends on the load.

How long is the warranty for the inverter? If it needs to be extended to 10 years, how much will the value-added service cost?

The general warranty is 3-5 years. If the warranty needs to be extended to 10 years, there will be an additional value-added service charge

How inverters are cooled differently?

There are three cooling methods of the inverter,
1. Natural cooling,
2. Forced cooling,
3. Forced air cooling.

Natural cooling: it is cooled by the inverter heat sink.
Forced air cooling: the inverter will have a fan.

Can the inverter be connected in parallel with machines of different powers?

No, it can only be connected in parallel with the same power.

Is there an upper limit on the number of parallel inverters?

Yes, according to the number of different products in parallel, up to 16 parallel.

What are inverter safety regulations?

The access security specifications allowed by the country generally refer to the test standards, such as our country and the countries of Southeast Asia and the European Union all use IEC safety regulations.

What precautions should be taken when installing your product after receiving it?

It should be noted that when connecting with components, the open circuit voltage combined with the number of components must be enough to carry the inverter to operate, and it is wrong to only connect one or two components to test the inverter.

Is there any relationship between the power of the energy storage machine and the off-grid inverter and the capacity of the battery?

It doesn't matter. The capacity of the battery depends on the load.

What brand of cells does your company’s solar cells use?

Our batteries mainly use Ningde era batteries, you can rest assured to buy.

Do you have your own R&D?

Of course, we have more than 20 R&D personnel who graduated from prestigious universities and have excellent technical capabilities and industry work experience.

If solar power generation is insufficient, can power be obtained from the grid?

Yes, our solar system allows you to automatically draw power from the grid in the event of insufficient solar power. This ensures that you always have a stable and reliable power supply.

What is the connection between inverter and battery?

The inverter converts the solar energy into usable alternating current, while the battery is used to store excess solar energy for use at night or on cloudy days. Inverters are key devices that convert energy into electricity, while batteries are used to provide long-lasting energy storage.

How to maintain your products during use?

In most cases, the inverter does not require your personal maintenance. Our products are designed with automatic monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure the proper operation of the system. If problems arise, our after-sales service team will provide support.

How do I contact you?

You can send us an email or contact us via Whatsapp. We also have a Facebook page where you can send us a message.

What certificates does your company's products have?

The inverter has UL1741,CE-EN62109, EN50549,EN IEC61000D and other certificates, and the battery has CE, UN38.3, IEC62619 certificates.

How long does it take to charge the inverter and battery?

The charge time depends on a number of factors, including battery capacity, solar power generation, and the charging method used. Typically, the full time can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Are the inverter and battery expandable?

Yes, our products support parallel expansion. You can increase the capacity of your system by adding additional inverters or batteries as needed.

What impact do inverters and batteries have on the environment?

Inverters and batteries are clean energy solutions that do not produce pollutants and greenhouse gases. By choosing to use a solar power system, you can reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, lower your carbon emissions, and contribute to the environment.

How often do I need to replace the battery?

Battery life is usually between 10 and 20 years, depending on usage and maintenance.

Are there any additional maintenance costs for the inverter and battery?

Inverter and battery maintenance costs are usually relatively low. You may need to regularly inspect and maintain equipment and replace batteries, but these costs are usually manageable.

How to ensure the safety of inverter and battery?

Our inverters and batteries have undergone rigorous safety testing and certification, and are equipped with a variety of protection devices to ensure their safe operation. We also recommend proper installation and operation according to the instructions in the user manual.

Can I monitor the status of the inverter and battery via my phone?

Yes, some of our products support remote monitoring, which allows you to monitor the status and performance of inverters and batteries in real time through a mobile phone or computer application.

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