Become Our Dealer

Become Our Dealer


Quality Assurance

1. Product design and manufacturing comply with European and American market and industry standards.
2. Use high-quality batteries and components to ensure reliable product performance.
3. Strict production technology and quality control provide users with an excellent experience.


Diversified product lines

1. We offer solar inverters with various power capacities and input voltages to cater to the requirements of different-sized solar systems.
2. Our solar batteries come in different designs and installation options, including wall-mounted, rack-mounted, and stacked, ensuring adaptability to various installation environments.
3. Our comprehensive monitoring and management software allows real-time monitoring and remote control of your solar system’s operations.


Technical support

1. Provide comprehensive technical support, including product installation, debugging, operation, and troubleshooting.
2. Detailed product documentation and instructions are provided to help users correctly use and maintain the inverter.
3. Provide training and technical guidance to help dealers understand the working principle and operation method of the inverter.


Brand support

1. Establish brand image and improve product visibility and credibility.
2. Provide professional branding and marketing support, including advertising, promotions, exhibitions, and publicity.
3. Continuously improve product quality and performance to meet user needs and maintain competitiveness.


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Intersolar South America Brazil 2018

Shanghai Exhibition

Shanghai Exhibition


German Exhibition

Exhibition Information


Thailand Exhibition


The 13th Renewable Energy India


Poland Exhibition


Poland Exhibition

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UAE Dealer

Battery sales: 962
inverters sales: 585
Sales: 36 million dollars

Reunion Dealer

Battery sales: 596
inverters sales: 212
Sales: 12 million dollars

France Dealer

Battery sales: 729
inverters sales: 359
Sales: 22million dollars

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