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Amensolar Team’s Business Trip to Jamaica Garners Warm Welcome and Generates Wave of Orders, Attracting More Distributors to Join


Jamaica – April 1, 2024 – Amensolar, a leading provider of solar energy solutions, embarked on a successful business trip to Jamaica, where they were met with enthusiastic reception from local clients. The visit solidified existing partnerships and sparked a surge in new orders, showcasing the company's robust capabilities in the renewable energy sector.


During the trip, the Amensolar team engaged in fruitful discussions with key clients and stakeholders, highlighting the latest advancements in solar technology and showcasing the company's diverse range of products and services. The N3H-X split phase inverter, renowned for its AC coupling function, stands out as the most trusted choice among customers. Specifically designed for North America, it accommodates various voltage requirements, including 110-120/220-240V split phase, 208V (2/3 phase), and 230V (1 phase), while boasting UL1741 certification.

The clients were particularly impressed by Amensolar's commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, which resonated strongly with Jamaica's growing interest in renewable energy solutions.

"We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet with our valued clients in Jamaica," said Denny Wu, Manager of Amensolar. "Their warm welcome and enthusiasm for our products reaffirm our belief in the immense potential of solar energy storage systems to drive sustainable development."


The highlight of the trip was the signing of several significant contracts, including partnerships with local businesses, government agencies, and residential projects. These agreements not only underscored Amensolar's position as a trusted partner in the region but also paved the way for the deployment of solar solutions across residential and off-grid applications.

Moreover, the success of the business trip has attracted considerable attention from potential distributors, with many expressing interest in partnering with Amensolar to distribute their products and services in Jamaica. This influx of new partnerships is expected to further expand Amensolar's reach and market presence in the Caribbean region, solidifying its reputation as a global leader in solar energy solutions.

Looking ahead, Amensolar remains committed to driving the adoption of renewable energy worldwide, empowering communities, and fostering sustainable development. With a strong foothold in Jamaica and growing partnerships across the globe, the company is well-positioned to continue delivering innovative solar solutions that address the evolving needs of customers and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Post time: Apr-10-2024
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