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Amensolar ESS Energy Storage Battery Appears at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week


Suzhou,China-Amensolar ESS Co.,Ltd made an appearance at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week on August 30th, showcasing its latest products. Amensolar ESS Co.,Ltd is a new energy high-tech company, focusing on residential/commercial solar inverters, energy storage batteries and other solar energy storage products.

At this exhibition, Amensoalr displayed its latest wall-mounted batteries AMW5120, AMW10500 and stacked battery pack AMS5120. The newly launched AM series lithium battery adopts a more concise design in appearance design, and adds an LCD indicator light, which can provide customers with convenient installation and operation experience.


High Quality Cheap Powerwall Wall Mount Battery AMW5120 51.2V 100ah LFP LiFePO4 Lithium Solar Batteries Pack,AMW5120 Features and Advantages:

★ Advanced BMS Multiple Protection

★ 51.2V Low-Voltage (Avaliable For 48v System)

★ LCD indicator with real-time data

★ Long Cycle Life : >6000 times

★ 16 Sets Batteries Can Be Connected In Parallel To Enlarge Capacity

★ 20 Years Service Life


48V/51.2V 200ah Powerwall Lifepo4 LFP Lithium-ion Battery Home Energy Storage Batteries for 5kw 10kwh Solar Power System,AMW10500 Features and Advantages:

★ Compatible with most mainstream inverters available

★ Advanced BMS Multiple Protection

★ 51.2v Low-Voltage (Avaliable For 48v System)

★ Long Cycle Life : >6000 times

★ 16 Sets Batteries Can Be Connected In Parallel To Enlarge Capacity


51.2V 100ah household LPF energy storage system stacked battery AMS5120 supports maximum expansion to 30kw, the main advantages:

1. Easy installation and space saving;

2. Can connect 6 sets of batteries for expansion;

3. Deep cycle>6000, 20 years design life;

4. Intelligent BMS multiple protection, real-time monitoring of discharge and charge between battery blocks;

5. Support Wifi and BT to view real-time data via APP

6. LCD real-time data display

As a professional supplier of residential/commercial photovoltaic inverters and energy storage batteries, Amman will use its professional strength to help thousands of households around the world enjoy green solar energy, promote global energy transformation and upgrading, lead the development of the industry, make outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of mankind .It is also hoped that through this exhibition, the brand awareness of Amman Solar will be further enhanced, so that Amman Solar can establish close contact with more potential customers.

Post time: Jan-24-2024
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