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Amensolar Focuses on the 10th Poznan International Fair with New Product Inverters

May 16,2023

On May 16-18, 2023 local time, the 10th Poznań International Fair was held in Poznań Bazaar, Poland.Jiangsu Amensolar ESS Co.,Ltd. displayed off-grid inverters, energy storage inverters, all-in-one machines and energy storage batteries. The booth attracted a large number of visitors to visit and negotiate.


Among the products exhibited by AMENSOLAR this time, the off-grid inverter has the frequency droop control function, so that the string inverter can be used in conjunction with the diesel generator without the need for a third-party controller, which greatly expands the application of the string inverter scope.


AMENSOLAR energy storage machine supports multi-cell parallel connection and AC coupling to transform the existing photovoltaic power generation system, and diesel generators can directly charge the battery. It can flexibly control the charging and discharging time, and can save electricity while maximizing power supply for household appliances. Peaks fill valleys. The stacked battery launched has the characteristics of flexible capacity expansion, convenient wiring, and long cycle life, and has also received great attention from customers.


In the future, Amensolar will continue to develop the Latin American market, provide high-efficiency products and high-quality services as always, and at the same time increase investment in research and development, continue to study photovoltaic inverter and energy storage technology, so that the development of green energy can benefit more regions and contribute to sustainable development.