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Wall Mounted Battery

  • 48V 100ah Powerwall Lithium Ion Battery Ultra-thin for House

    This2u wall-mounted battery uses a high-performance processor and is equipped with a customized BMS protection board to ensure the stable operation of the system.

  • 48V 200ah Solar Lithium ion Battery Powerwall Wall-mounted

    Power Wall Battery Use Wall-Mounted Design, UL1973 Safety Certification, 8 Sets of Batteries Connected in Parallel, BMS Multiple Protection

  • Amensolar High Quality Grade a 48v 10kwh Lithium Ion Batteries 51.2V 100ah 200ah Powerwall Solar Storage Battery with BMS Controlle

    For home energy storage system, vertical installation, easy to install and move, can connect 8 sets of batteries, parallel connection to expand capacity, 20-year service life

  • 48V 100ah Powerwall Solar Lithium ion Batteries
  • 48V 205ah Powerwall Solar Lithium ion Battery Pack