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Residential battery capacity in Europe has reached 9.3GWh in 2022


Currently, more than 1 million households in Europe are equipped with on-site battery storage systems paired with photovoltaics.


According to SolarPower Europe, residential battery storage capacity in Europe has reached 9.3GWh by the end of 2022. Residential storage in continental Europe is estimated to reach 39.9GWh by 2026.

Some 2,294MWh were installed last year and 3.9GWh are expected to be deployed by mid-2022, an increase of 71%. The 2022 figure equates to around 420,000 batteries installed, which would take the continent past the one million mark.

Unsurprisingly, Germany is the largest market. Other markets are also booming in energy storage.


Home energy storage lithium batteries have become an attractive means of lowering electricity bills, especially in a year of significant price increases, increased interest in energy resilience, and lower carbon footprints.

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