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Lithium battery knowledge: overcharge mechanism and overcharge prevention measures


As we all know, lithium batteries, as an important part of new energy, have been widely used in household and industrial fields, but overcharge and overdischarge during the use of batteries have become the most concerned issue of all battery manufacturers.


Overcharging is one of the most difficult items to pass in the current lithium battery safety test. At present, there are several ways to solve the problem of overcharging:

1) The protection voltage is set in the BMS, usually the protection voltage is lower than the peak voltage during overcharge;

2) Improve the overcharge resistance of the battery through material modification (such as material coating);

3) Add anti-overcharge additives to the electrolyte, such as redox pairs;

4) The use of voltage-sensitive membrane, when the battery is overcharged, the membrane resistance is significantly reduced, which plays a role in shunting;

5) The use of OSD and CID design in the square aluminum shell battery is currently a general anti-overcharge design. A similar design cannot be achieved with pouch cells.


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