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Amensolar Inverter Appears at Poznan Renewable Energy International Fair


On May 16-18, 2023 local time, the 10th Poznań International Fair was held in Poznań Bazaar, Poland. Jiangsu Amensolar ESS Co.,Ltd.was invited to participate in the exhibition and demonstrated the information solutions tailored for new energy.

This exhibition has a strong lineup, with an exhibition area of 85,000 square meters and 4,000 international standard booths. There are about 13,200 exhibitors, including about 3,000 foreign companies from 70 countries around the world. 80 trade fairs.

At this exhibition, exhibitors can get close and face-to-face with senior experts and peer elites in the industry, and have an in-depth understanding of classic projects and hot technology applications in various countries.


In the past two years, the concept of sustainable development has taken root in the world, and the new energy industry has continued to develop. my country clearly stated at the United Nations General Assembly that it will reach its carbon peak in 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality in 2060. Solar energy has become one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources in the world due to its obvious advantages such as cleanliness, safety, and inexhaustibility, and the photovoltaic industry is developing rapidly.

Amensolar has complete photovoltaic inverter solutions, mainly residential solutions. At the same time,the company also provides solar energy storage system solutions. Main products include: N3H-X series inverters 5-10kw, A series three-phase energy storage inverters 8-12kw, N1F-A series off-grid inverters, A series stacked and wall-mounted lithium batteries, S series of lithium batteries, etc.


So far,Amensolar inverter products have been sold well in more than 50 countries around the world, helping the sustainable development of the environment.

Amensolar Company always adheres to the principle of "quality first, customer first", wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality products and all-round high-quality services, and has won praise from many customers and partners. The main exhibits of this exhibition are A series of stacked and wall-mounted 5kw lithium batteries, in addition to exhibiting S series lithium batteries 3.3kw and 4.35kw, AP-S series lithium batteries, this battery uses a high-performance processor and configures a customized BMS protection board, 16 sets of batteries It can be connected in parallel to expand the capacity and ensure the stable operation of the system.

In addition, there are N1F-A series off-grid inverter single-phase 5.5kw, with LCD display, can be connected to 48v or 51.2V low-voltage battery, can connect up to 12 units in parallel at the same time, support 1-phase/3-phase In parallel, built-in wifi mobile monitoring.


In this exhibition, the exhibitors of Amensolar will give professional, patient and detailed explanations to bring you a deeper understanding of the products and understand Amensolar. As a supplier of photovoltaic inverters, Amman will help thousands of families around the world with professional strength in the future Households enjoy green solar energy, promote global energy transformation and upgrading, lead the development of the industry, and contribute to the sustainable development of mankind.