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AMENSOLAR ---The Story Behind The Brand


In the late 1980s, the founder of the company, David, was born in a Catholic family. The deepest memory of his childhood was that he could always hear the elderly grandparents saying "Amen" in the pacifiers after the morning and evening prayers. Due to poor economic conditions, there was not even a formal church in the area. The usual activities are to participate in activities in a bungalow with less than 70 square meters. Therefore, "donating to build a Catholic church named after Pietro (the holy name of David's grandfather)" quietly took root in David's heart.

After graduating from university, David was lucky to become a practitioner in the photovoltaic industry. During a company's mission to Africa, he found that in Africa, which had 15% of the world's population, there were still many places without electricity. The rich African continent was still living in a society with lack of electricity, primitive kerosene lamps , candles, wood, etc. were the main sources of lighting for most African households. Only those very wealthy people and companies could afford battery lighting equipment, diesel generators, etc. These traditional lighting options were not only expensive, most of them were dangerous, but also polluted the environment. Obviously, due to the application of backward lamps and the low coverage of the power grid, Africa, which has one percent of the world’s population, will become the most promising global market for basic lighting and municipal lighting. In terms of direct solar irradiance, the development potential of the solar energy industry in Africa is undoubtedly the best in the world.

After coming back from Africa, the scene of kerosene lamp lighting appeared in David's mind every day. Finally, in the early morning of the second Sunday after coming back, in order to do something to change the people who live in areas without electricity and still use traditional lighting in the world, he resolutely decided to quit his job and start a company of his own. And "You are the light of the world..." (Matthew 5:13-16") was shared that day, as if God gave his will to David. David unconsciously came up with an idea, so AMEN+SOLAR appeared.

"AMEN", Hebrew, means sincere, firm, sure, reliable, faithful, confident, believe

"Solar", sunlight, of the sun

AMENSOLAR means to use honest, reliable and safe photovoltaic products and services to consistently change the world as a defender of photovoltaic green energy!

Slogan: AMENSOLAR ----AS You WISH!

The interpretation of AMENSOLAR LOGO:

A Represents the company's great vision to become and recognized as a world-class A-level energy company;

MEN refers to the company’s people-oriented and teamwork culture, and to achieve the goal of all-round development of people;

SOLAR represents the company is focusing on solar energy;

The rolling sun above the letter represents the concept of hard struggle that the company is from small to big, from nothing to have, and the hope of becoming the mainstay of the solar energy industry after going through several trials and baptisms due to beliefs, dreams, and sunshine.