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51.2V Lithium Battery

  • Amensolar A5120 5kwh 51.2V 100AH 2U Rack Mounted Residential Use Solar Lithium Ion Battery

    The product adopts a unique 2u rack design, real-time control and accurate detection of monomer voltage and current to ensure battery safety.

  • Ampleness S5285 51.2V 48V 85AH Solar Energy Low Voltage Battery

    Compared with traditional batteries, this battery has high reliability and long service life, and is compatible with most inverters on the market.

  • Ampleness S5265 51.2V 65AH 3.3KWh for 48V Solar System LifePo4 Battery

    The battery is rack-mounted and can be connected in parallel to 16 groups at the same time. The certificate is complete, and the low-voltage battery can be used in a 48v system.

  • Amensolar AM5120 5 Years Warranty 5kwh 51.2V 100AH Solar Storage Lifepo4 Battery

    The battery is installed in a unique rack, with 8 groups connected in parallel, with a built-in intelligent BMS51.2V low-voltage battery (suitable for 48V systems)

  • Ampleness S52100G 51.2V 100AH for 48V System LifePo4 Solar Energy Storage Battery

    BMS controls and monitors battery voltage in real time to ensure battery safety, 51.2v low voltage (suitable for 48v system), safety certification: Ce, Un38.3, etc.

  • Ampleness S52100 48V 51.2V 100AH LifePo4 Home Storage Solar Battery

    The battery adopts advanced BMS multiple protection, 16 sets of batteries can be connected in parallel to expand capacity 51.2V low voltage (suitable for 48V system)