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48V Lithium Battery

  • Amensolar AM4800 4.8kwh 48V 100AH Lithium Ion Low Voltage Solar Battery

    This energy storage battery can cycle up to 6000 times, 90% DOD16 batteries can be connected in parallel with advanced BMS multiple protection 48V low voltage

  • Ampleness AP-S-48200 48V 200AH 10kwh LifePo4 Solar Power Battery

    This deep-cycle battery has a built-in BMS for real-time control and coordinated monitoring of the voltage, current and temperature of the single battery to ensure battery safety

  • Ampleness AP-S-48100 48V 100AH 5kwh LifePo4 Solar Energy Storage Battery

    Suitable for all kinds of home energy storage systems, LiFePO4 safe battery chemistry, 90% DOD cycle coefficient up to 6000, easy to install and after-sales service